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  • Notifications—when you want them. The new Windows 7 Action Center consolidates tasks and notifications associated with keeping your computer running smoothly, so you see fewer notifications on your desktop. You’ll find Action Center icon on the lower-right of your monitor.
  • Backwards-compatibility: Business users can run many older Windows XP programs on a Windows 7–based PC with Windows XP Mode and Windows Virtual PC, which may be pre-installed by your PC manufacturer (or you can download them at no cost from www.microsoft.com/virtual-pc.)
  • Windows 7 helps you help yourself. Try Windows Troubleshooting Platform before you call the help desk by typing fix or Troubleshoot in the search box on the Start menu.
  • Document problems accurately. Use Windows 7 Problem Steps Recorder, a screen-capture tool, to create step-by-step recordings of any problems you have. Just open Windows Explorer and type psr.exe in the Address bar.
  • Plays well with others. Developers, you can determine whether devices and programs are compatible with Windows 7 or find out how a system update will affect internal programs and more before you roll out the upgrade by using the Application Compatibility Toolkit (ACT).
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